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Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painters

Kitchens where we do all the work & supply all the materials start at $1900 + tax, this is our minimum all in charge!
We also offer a lower cost DIY model where we respray your doors & drawer fronts and show you how to complete any in home portion. We provide the product and detailed instructions so you can create  long lasting results too!
DIY plan with our guidance  including materials & equipment starts at $1100 + tax, this is our minimum charge where cabinet doors or two sided items  are concerned.

With high quality lacquers & modified Acrylic Urethanes available that are durable, moisture & chip resistant  & most importantly more flexible than paints they expand and contract better along with the wood they are applied to, we believe using any paint or more importantly a latex paint is counter-productive to a long lasting finish.
Lacquers & Modified Urethanes provide a finer, smoother, thinner finish suited for wood furniture & kitchen cabinets. Paints tend to show what is called orange peel finishes where you can see small valleys that look like an orange peels surface, lacquers are self leveling which allows for a smooth fine finish that you're used to seeing on furniture.
We are using a Titanium based Acrylic Urethane Waterborne product, a  high solids coating system containing low levels of solvent allowing for a reduction in VOCs and HAPs . This system can be used in areas where extreme water and chemical resistance are necessary. It is a non-yellowing product.  

Our Limited warranty is available for viewing here:
Please take the time to read our warranty and ask question where you do not understand the information provided.
We offer honest and reliable detailed quotes, and we like to think we do it right. Our professional Team Services The entire GTA, Toronto, Mississauga & Southern Ontario area!
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Furniture Spray Painting

Furniture Spray Painters, Dining Room Sets, Bedroom Sets, Tables, Kitchen Cabinet Door Painters, just about any Wood Surface!

Due to a High Demand for Kitchen Cabinet ReSpraying we have limited our Furniture ReSpraying to the Winter months  you can book in advance for furniture.

We use commercial Wood Finishing Products that last 3 times longer than any paint  product , they are made specifically for the Kitchen & Bathroom environment & approved by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. We provide a factory finish, high quality end product  with a fine furniture grade finish designed to last 15+ years.


We can in almost all cases complete the in home portion in 1 to 2 days, reducing the time you lose the use of your kitchen and the time having someone work in your home.
Our process has us removing your doors taking an hour or two on one day and bringing them to our shop for spraying. We then having booked your in home days arrive prep, prime &
seal * your cabinet trim, gables or islands & clean up.
We then return 1-3 days later and rehang your doors and drawer fronts. The entire process from acceptance of our quote to completion usually takes between 5-15 days.
I take the time to explain the entire process, the results you can expect and how to clean and maintain your new finish for long lasting results.
33+ Years refinishing furniture gives us the edge in ensuring the best longest lasting finish to meet your needs now and into the future. Our refinishing knowledge is unsurpassed by those offering  simple painting services. We know finishes and we will explain the difference to you in easy learning terms.

* We use a primer/sealer that blocks the natural wood oils from bleeding through your new finish, preventing discolouration that can happen over time when exposed to the sun through windows or heat from stoves. The colour you choose is the colour you will have for years to come. Paint products and primers just can't block the natural wood oils by themselves. All woods as they age change colour and get darker, each species varies on how much discolouration takes place, sealing these oils from bleeding through the new finish is a very important part of our process.
All of our wood finishing products are designed to be sanded & recoated in 45 minutes or less, this allows the low VOC solvents to soften and penetrate the last coat forming one unique layer that is flexible enough to move with the expansion and contraction of the wood material beneath it. This is a key feature of Lacquer products and simply NOT possible with any paint products. With Heat & Moisture changes in your home on a regular bases you need as flexible a product as possible and Lacquers are designed to do just that! This is why the Kitchen Cabinet & Furniture Industry do NOT use paint products.

Kitchen Cabinet ReSpraying 33+ Years refinishing furniture gives us the edge in ensuring the best, longest lasting finish to meet your needs now and into the future. Our refinishing knowledge is unsurpassed by those offering  paint products.

We know finishes and we will explain the difference to you in easy learning terms.