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Furniture Spray Painters, Dining Room Sets, Bedroom Sets, Tables, Kitchen Cabinet Door Painters, just about any Wood Surface!

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 Kitchen Cabinet ReSpraying Services generally cost between 20% & 30% of the cost of refacing or replacing your current kitchen cabinets with much less time needed in your home to accomplish like new results.
Kitchens where we do all the work & supply all the materials start at $2000 + tax
We also offer a lower cost DIY model where we respray your doors & drawer fronts and show you how to complete any in home portion. We provide the product and detailed instructions so you can create  long lasting results too!
DIY plan with our guidance  including materials & equipment starts at $900 + tax
We can in almost all cases complete the in home portion over 2 days, reducing the time you lose the use of your kitchen and the time having someone work in your home.
Our process has us removing your doors taking about an hour on one day and bringing them to our shop for spraying. We then book 2 days in your home where we arrive prep and prime your cabinet trim, gables or  islands returning the next day to complete the lacquering  portion & cleaning up.
We then return 1-2 days later and rehang your doors and drawer fronts. The entire process from acceptance of our quote to completion usually takes between 5-15 days.
I take the time to explain the entire process, the results you can expect and how to clean and maintain your new finish for long lasting results.
30+ Years refinishing furniture gives me the edge in ensuring the best longest lasting finish to meet your needs now and into the future. Our refinishing knowledge is unsurpassed by those offering  simple painting services. We know finishes and we will explain the difference to you in easy learning terms.

With high quality lacquers & modified Acrylic Urethanes available that are durable, moisture & chip resistant  & most importantly more flexible than paints they expand and contract better along with the wood they are applied to, we believe using any paint or more importantly a latex paint is counter productive to a long lasting finish.

Lacquers & Modified Urethanes provide a finer, smoother, thinner finish suited for wood furniture & kitchen cabinets. Paints tend to show what is called orange peel finishes where you can see small valleys that look like an orange peels surface, lacquers are self leveling which allows for a smooth fine finish that you're used to seeing on furniture.
We are using Gemini Titanium Acrylic Urethane a Modified Waterborne product, a  high solids coating system containing low levels of solvent allowing for a reduction in VOCs and HAPs . This system can be used in areas where extreme water and chemical resistance are necessary. It is a non-yellowing product. It meets all of the pertinent government regulations regarding emissions and meets or exceeds the performance parameters outlined by KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) and ASTM.(American Society for Testing and Materials)

Our Limited warranty is available for viewing here:
Please take the time to read our warranty and ask question where you do not understand the information provided.
You can view a slideshow of kitchen respraying here: sprayitlikenew.kitchen

You can view a slideshow of furniture respraying here: sprayitlikenew.ca

Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us for our straight forward honest approach to what is possible for your items. Not all woods or finishes are equal and not all kitchens are built with the same quality workmanship, we will take the time to explain the differences and point out any concerns based on the current condition of your kitchen and what you can expect as a final result. As trained furniture builder I understand construction techniques and will point out any areas that may be of concern along with any possible remedies to remove or hide any physical characteristics that show themselves when using light colours.

We offer honest and reliable detailed quotes, and we like to think we do it right.

We service the entire GTA, Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, London & Southwestern Ontario area!
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Furniture Painting or ReSpraying Made Easy?

Understanding furniture refinishing appears to be simple and in some cases this is very true. Most often it is not cut & dry.

Products like lacquer allow for re coating by spray gun, an experienced person can bond a new coat of lacquer to the old whether it be a new clear coat or a coloured coat or what is known as Furniture Painting, using lacquer that will expand and contract along with the wood.

When you encounter furniture with the finish in bad shape, its always best to remove it. Varnishes, Paints, Urethanes should all be stripped before spraying for best results. The main issue is how well is your current finish holding on to the wood? Is it cracking, peeling, lifting, fading etc.?

Should your furniture be modern and newer it is very likely a lacquer, in these cases you are far less likely to need to remove the existing finish.