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Furniture Spray Painters & Refinisher's Servicing Southern Ontario Toronto GTA

Professional Furniture & Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painters
We set the Standard for a Quality Long Lasting Durable  Chip Resistant  Lacquer Finish 
 A Family Owned & Operated Business

Furniture Spray Painters, Restoring Antique Furniture, Solid Wood Dining Room Sets, Bedroom Sets, Tables, Kitchen Cabinet Door Painters, just about any Wood Surface!

We Lacquer Spray Paint Furniture
Water Borne Lacquer's are now widely available from reputable companies like Renner, Akzo Nobel & Sherwin Williams
There are usually two levels of quality available depending on the application needed.

Solid colours that look like paint as well as clear finishes are available.

We currently use Chemcraft from Akzo Nobel
Sherwin Williams markets and sells two brands ~M.L. Campbell &  Sher Wood Kem Aqua 
All of which are good quality lacquer's that vary slightly in formulation based on spraying needs & the type of material it is being applied to and used on like kitchens, floors or furniture that require different levels of moisture or wear resistance.

With high quality lacquer's available that are durable, moisture & chip resistant  & most importantly flexible and expand and contract along with the wood they are applied to we believe using any paint or more importantly a latex paint is counter productive to a long lasting finish.
Lacquer's provide a finer, smoother, thinner finish suited for wood furniture & kitchen cabinets. Paints tend to show what is called orange peel finishes where you can see small valley's that look like an orange peels surface, lacquer's are self leveling which allows for a smooth fine finish that you're used to seeing on furniture.

We also Offer Custom Colour Matching! 
Choose your favourite colour available from most Major Paint Brands including DULUX, Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore.
 We transform your furniture using coloured lacquer,  most newer Furniture does not Require Stripping  or removing of the current finish.
We bond old lacquer & new lacquer together creating a highly resistant moisture and chemical barrier that will also allow your wood to breath, wood expands and contracts and the finish needs to as well, this effectively eliminates future hairline cracks that can be found over time when using paints.

5 - Year Warranty on most Items 

Send your pictures & details by email for a fast & convenient quote

Furniture Painting or ReSpraying Made Easy?

Understanding furniture refinishing appears to be simple and in some cases this is very true. Most often it is not cut & dry.

Products like lacquer allow for re coating by spray gun, an experienced person can bond a new coat of lacquer to the old whether it be a new clear coat or a coloured coat or what is known as Furniture Painting, using lacquer that will expand and contract along with the wood.

When you encounter furniture with the finish in bad shape, its always best to remove it. Varnishes, Paints, Urethanes should all be stripped before spraying for best results. The main issue is how well is your current finish holding on to the wood? Is it cracking, peeling, lifting, fading etc.?

Should your furniture be modern and newer it is very likely a lacquer, in these cases you are far less likely to need to remove the existing finish.


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