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Furniture & Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting Blogs
What's on My Mind?

What's on My Mind?

  1. In order to obtain a quote we need the following information provided by you. This will provide the quickest, easiest way to get an accurate quote for your items. Not all pieces are equal when it comes to the labour involved.

    #1 - You should supply pictures of any items you are interested in having work done on.
  2.  Discounts for Cabinet Door Spraying 

    Our minimum charge for any cabinet door spraying is $510 + $50 for the lacquer + tax

    Receive 1% off  our services on the entire quote, for every door you have starting at 15

    20 Doors are 20% off, 23 doors are 23% off etc.

  3. We received this new customer comment today :)

    Hi Tracy,
    I just wanted to say thank you for the great job on our cabinets, they look great :)
    When I got home Friday night Aaron had them all hung up, kitchen looks so much better. 
    Merry Christmas!
  4. We offer the Do-It-Yourselfer a low cost, high quality method for spray  painting kitchen cabinets using the original 'lacquer finish' tinted to the colour of your choice.

  5. WE received the following text from Paul W. today.
    The left picture is the old kitchen.

    "Thought you might like to see the results with the new backsplash.
  6. Discounts for Cabinet Door Spraying 

    Our minimum charge for any cabinet door spraying is $510 + $50 for the lacquer + tax

    Receive 1% off  our services on the entire quote, for every door you have starting at 15 total doors, 15 - 30% discounts on volume.

  7. We often get asked about our sanding process, that process can vary depending on the type of finish and the shape & detail of the items.
    Do we sand?,..YES of course we sand however the method we use varies.
  8. Recent Customer Comment:
    Hi Tracy,

    Cabinets are looking great, I am almost finished putting all of the doors back.
  9. Home staging is a great idea!
    Choose some wonderful colours to enhance any room in your home and have your furniture sprayed with a solid coloured lacquer.
    The process will not only make your home look much more presentable it will give you quality great looking furniture when you move to your new home.
    This is a very valuable process that will enahance your homes beauty.
    Home staging is available by many Interior designers and fees vary for that service.
    We offer fast turnaround times assisting in getting your home ready for the sales process.
  10. The best way to clean a new lacquer finish is using a warm damp cloth with a small amount of dish soap in the water.
    NEVER use chemical cleaners. Ammonia or silicone based products will break down the finish over time shortening it's life span.
    It is always best to clean grease off wood right away, lacquer finishes and open wood grain can over time absorb the grease.
    If the need arises to use more water to get a stain removed then be sure to wipe up the water as soon as possible. You should always clean any food debris & grease right away.
  11. WE have ben recently asked if we are able to respray IKEA kitchen cabinet doors.
    The answer is YES, where the doors are made of wood veneer and have lacquer as a finish.
    We can sand and the soften the lacquer allowing a new coloured lacquer to bind itslef creating a durable finish.
    We offer a 5 year warranty in this situation.
  12. Fast Kitchen Cabinet Door Spraying times of 10-14 days from acceptance of quote, including pick up & delivery!
    Details are located here:
  13. Congratulations too! Bob Williams! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004035927397
    You are the October winner of the KOBO Mini eReader- Black
    We are ready to ship you your new eReader!
  14. Warranty Info:

    5 - Year Warranty on unfinished wood products.
    5 - Year Warranty on ReSpraying wood where there is no current cracking, flaking, chipping or contamination from food, grease or staining of any kind.

  15. Today I will talk about filling in old hardware holes, seems easy enough to do however there are many things that can effect the outcome. Results can vary from excellent to bad.
    Here is why:
    This is the best case senario.
    The bigger the hole the harder it can be to fill, larger holes of 3/16" or more would be better suited for what is called a plug, these can be made from dowels.
    The problem that can accure from dowels is getting the same type of wood as well as grain pattern so that the plug blends in with the flow of the grain, this can be difficult to say the least.
  16. Customized Gaming Console - Kevin Pereira 
    View Kevin's pictures & comments by selecting 'View Entire Article' below.
    Kevin requested a quote to have a custom made gaming console (made from MDF) sprayed to get a Glossy lacquer finish, arcade style.
    Kevin was designing art work for the display area and laying out a true gamers play station.
  17. I am still getting an amazing amount of requests for a Ball Park Price!
    You can view the price range for most items here:
    http://www.truenorthservices.ca/stripping/refinishing/prices OR here:

    Ball park pricing does not give you any kind of accurate assessment of your piece of furniture along with what can be done, simply spraying paint over top of an old finish can come with many surprises, I have been refinishing furniture since 1982 when I started a college program that taught furniture building, finishing & refinishing.
  18. Friday we delivered what was a Red Mahoogany Finished Buffet. (These old red based stains need to be sealed with top of the line sealers to avoid any of the red from bleeding through the new finish) We sprayed for the first time a Sarah Richardson colour from Para Paints called 'SR-11 Ocean Liner', the results were fantastic, we got a nice smooth satin sheen surface that blended very well with the new condo Lynn & Dean purchased.
  19. Today I want to talk about mistakes or quality control on any given piece we spray. I personally have been spray painting since my older brother taught me to spray cars in 1978.
    With a college education as a furniture technician to follow, I have been through the learning curve and for the most part do a great job spraying.
    I certainly can't claim to be perfect at what I do 100% of the time. There are so many variables when dealing with furniture to start with like the shape or size alone, that along with the customers expectations for that piece, it can be difficult and details can be missed.