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Making Contact for Quotes or General Information:

Please read the following before phoning 519-401-3161 for information.  We do not use a voice mail box. Please email or text us for contact.
We do not answer incoming calls while working any any given project. 

Spray It Like New Kitchens provides exact quotes, based on the information and pictures you provide (details below). Spray It Like New Kitchens  Does NOT Provide Ball Park Pricing for many reasons.  

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Please email any general questions you may have if you are unable to locate the answer(s) on this website to: contact.quotes@sprayitlikenew.kitchen

There are Four Questions I have regarding any given piece. Experience has taught me that the majority  of consumers are unable to effectively answer all of them therefore the need to see the piece is critical to getting an accurate quote. Any  Re finishing business giving you an over the phone price will in most if not all cases do two things.

#1. They will give you a high worse case scenario, if you have them, based on this price pick the items up they are unlikely to reduce the charges should the pieces actually be easier then expected, they know you have excepted that the price could be that high when you agree to have them at your home.

#2. They will give you a low ball price to get in your home at which time they are likely to raise the price in various ways using the reasons that it was not as described and there are more details that require additional time & material. They would be correct about the detail in most cases.

A trained experienced re finisher or re sprayer needs to know the following: (1.) The Size & Style of the item. (2.) The type of material it is made of. (3.) The current type of finish. (4.) The type of new finish and colour of the new finish wanted.

Accurate quotes can be created after viewing pictures of the items in question. The current type of finish, the detail, the size and then the intended results can vary the cost to re-spray or refinish various items. Providing pictures with a description of your goal, along with your location are needed for accuracy. Our policy is to not do phone quotes or any ball parking due to the many different styles and finishes that will effect the time and  type of work required for each individual piece. There is no fast rule to determine accurate pricing without understanding what we are working with and your intended goal for that piece.

There is a Minimum Charge for Spraying any piece(s) of $875 (includes the cost of lacquer) + tax - (higher on kitchens) that includes materials as well as pickup & delivery in most cases. Pricing Includes Pickup & Delivery with one person, additional charges may apply for Items that need a second person from our end to load and unload larger items or where there are special circumstances like elevators that have to be booked at specific times, narrow passages or more then 4 steps, pickup & delivery are assumed to be from a main floor area unless otherwise stated  from your end.

Quotes are detailed and provided in writing usually by email, most often the next day however it can take up to 5 days (holidays & Sundays not included). Quotes include pricing, payment terms, pickup & delivery timelines along with any applicable discounts that may be available.

Thank You for visiting our Website, we look forward to assisting you.

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