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On Site Electrostatic Painting Ontario
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Wood Furniture Spray Painters

'Wood'  you like to change the Colour of your furniture using our Custom Colour Matching!
Choose almost any Paint Chip Code from  Pratt & Lambert
and have it duplicated withWater Based Lacquer,
then  we professionally Spray Paint Like New,
without Stripping the old Finish off.
This saves you Money!
Not only will your furniture
look like new again
the finish will last longer then paint
and have superior durability when compared to paint.
If you want to spray it like new
then Lacquer is the answer.
We use

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Electrostatic Painting in Toronto GTA Guelph 

 Electrostatic Painting is our primary paint application.

Through this process we have built an impeccable reputation over the past 23 years.

Why use the electrostatic process?

Electrostatic painting gives the customer a finish that is as close as possible to the manufactures original finish for an on-site application.

In an uncontrollable environment, paint efficiency and control is essential.

Paint drifting through a parking lot and surrounding area is unacceptable. Conventional air spraying can produce the same finish as electrostatic painting but were intended to be used in a controlled environment i.e. a spray booth.

With respect to brush and roller applications, the essential difference is in the desired appearance.

In this application, a smooth and consistent finish is in our opinion unobtainable. There are many advantages using the electrostatic process. Electrostatic painting can be done almost anywhere.

The process is non intrusive and can be done without disrupting your business and causing interruptions. Interior projects can be completed at night or on weekends and therefore will not disturb regular working hours. Electrostatically painting old, used or outdated items, can make them look new again for only a fraction of the price of replacing them.

Control Painting has hundreds of colours from which you can choose. Or we can match colours to already existing items.

Guelph 519-824-1730

Toronto 416-283-3095



Electrostatic Painting in Windsor

Basile Interiors strive to offer the best services to our customers.

We are a full service, Professional Painting Company located in Windsor, On.

Our specialties include Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Painting.

 We believe in high quality work, the kind of quality you deserve at reasonable prices.

Our goal is to please our customers! We work with high quality products using many different modern techniques.

If you have any questions about our services please call or email us.



Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Electrostatic Painting in Windsor
Filing Cabinets, Desks, Refrigerator's

Industrial Machines & Equipment, Race Car Chassis, Chain Link Fencing,
  Steel Palm Trees, Metal Railings, Metal Doors, Metal Furniture Spray Painters,
Steel Buildings, Store Front's, Window Frames, Metal Shelving