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Professional Painting Services - Spraying Furniture Finishes to Look Like New

We return your Items back to there original factory finish!  1000's  of  Colours to choose from!  Pick Up & Delivery 

Spraying  Long Lasting - Durable - Chip Resistant - Water Based - 

Low VOC (75 g/l) - Hazardous Air Pollutant's Free* - Lacquer

College Trained by Master Craftsmen

 Professional Furniture  Re-finishing & Spray Painting  Services  Since 1984 

 Painted Antique Chair  Antique Bed Refinished Table & Chairs

 5% Off on ReSpray Items totaling  $710 or more  Before Tinting & Tax

 View pricing information here: Lacquer Respraying Prices
"Another satisfied customer!
 You were quick, efficient, and delivered a great product for a reasonable price!"  Anita
"The transformation is amazing,...it's like new furniture. I'm so happy with it"  Silke
 "Just wanted to let you know that Dan & I are very pleased with the outcome of the Bench. 
You did an Awesome Job"  Anne & Dan
 Why Lacquer? ~ 'Latex paints cure by a process called coalescence,... this causes the paint to remain susceptible to softening and over time degradation by water.' - Wikipedia


 You can view an Acrylic Latex Paint vs Water Based Lacquer comparison picture by clicking here:

 Lacquer is the industry standard on wood furniture and has been for over 60 years. Our fore fathers new paint was not the best choice on wood, prior to Lacquers being readily available they would use a combination of Oils and Varnishes to obtain a long lasting finish. Wooden Boats need a 'Marine Spar Varnish', Most new cars are now sprayed with a 'Water Based Automotive Lacquer'. Even Finger Nail Polish is now made as a Low VOC Water Based Lacquer!  

Painted Chairs Night Tables Spray Painted  Oak Stairway

Spraying Your Furniture to look Like New Again?

We can return it back to the original Factory Finish using Clear or Coloured Lacquer                  

Wood Lacquer is a fast drying top coat similar in nature to Nail Polish Lacquer, this allows furniture manufacturers and re sprayers to reduce the amount of time needed to spray furniture.  

Various types of lacquer's can be used depending on the circumstances, there are pre catalyzed & post catalyzed lacquer's whether they are oil, acrylic or low VOC water based. Lacquer is used on interior wood surfaces.

Wood needs to breath, it is always moving back and forth depending on the temperature and humidity in the environment it is stored. Lacquer has pores which allow for movement of the wood. If you have ever seen wood that has been painted and you start to see hairline cracks and or flaking that is due to the movement of the wood, the paint when cured does not want to move like the wood does. Paints are improving however lacquer tends to not only stick better to the wood, it moves very well and lasts longer. I have seen lacquer applied to new wood furniture and after 30 years it is still in excellant shape. It is highly unlikely that paint would last that long.

Paint is also thicker and can tend to build up in corners and grooves leaving areas that are not even. Lacquer is sprayed on in coats that are 1-2 mil in thickness, the end thickness is usually 3-6 mils. This provides a great bond and the ability for the wood to still breath through the finish. The finish looks thinner and professional, more so then a spray painted paint finish.

Lacquer also bonds to itself better then paint bonds to paint. This is helpful when one wants to update a colour on a lacquer finish. Lacquer when applied over lacquer has a softening or melting ability that allows it to fuse itself better, this tends to lead to a stronger finish that moves together along with the wood. Paint tends to layer itself more, this requires more sanding and primers in order to get good adhesion. We use lacquer sealers in substitute for primer and lacquer replaces paint.

When we  'Spray Paint Furniture' making the finish look like new again, we use Long Lasting Durable Chip Resistant Water Based Lacquer returning it to it's original factory finish!.