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Furniture Spray Painting

Choose almost any Paint Chip Code from Benjamin Moore
and have it duplicated with Lacquer,
then Professionally, We 'Spray it Like New'
without Stripping the old Finish off.
This saves you Money!
Not only will your furniture
look like new again
the finish will last longer then paint
and be more durable.
If you want to spray it like new
then Lacquer is the answer.
We use

M.L. Campbell Logo

Since 2001, Fia Interiors has been helping home owners prepare their properties for sale.

We expertly apply the principles of marketing & design to all types of properties including condos, vacant homes and single family residences.


Our designer will tour the interior and exterior of the property with the home owner and discuss ways to improve its overall appeal and saleability.

 We have a solid relationship with a team of preferred trades people. If you require any of the below services, please contact us at: 416-322-5807 x 1 orinfo@fiainteriors.com


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 White Lacquered Desk Decorating

 Spray Painted Chairs  Staging
Free Decorating Tip Videos

Free Decorating Tip Videos