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Kitchen Cabinet Painters ~ Toronto & the Entire GTA Area

Whether you're updating or staging a home for sale this is a huge investment in your home for a very low cost.
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   Toronto, Missisauga, Southern Ontario & the  Entire GTA Area
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Email pictures of the doors along with the total number of regular doors,
Pantry Doors, Glass Doors, Cutlery Drawer Fronts, & Large Pots & Pan Drawer Fronts & any other removable pieces for a fast & convenient quote.
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 Discounts available  for Cabinet Door Spraying 

DIY plan with our guidance  includes materials & starts at $1080 + tax, this is our minimum charge where  two sided items need spraying.

 We can offer the Do-It-Yourselfer a low cost, high quality method for spray  painting kitchen cabinets using the original 'lacquer finish' tinted to the colour of your choice or we can complete the entire kitchen!

Not all Kitchen Cabinet Door Sprayers are equal, many companies are still using paint and a clear coat for cabinet doors, for many reasons you can find here this is not a good idea: 

The in home portion can be completed over a 1 to 2 day period it takes between 6-7 hours per day for an average kitchen, the priming & lacquering can be completed over a 2 day period (fast lacquer drying times in between coats of 15 & 30 minutes). The easy to clean up waterborne lacquer is Low VOC & smells similar to floor wax. This process can be completed leisurely by yourself while we re-spray your doors in our shop or let us complete the in home portion as well. We offer a fast turn around time from acceptance of our quote of between 10-14 days including pick up & delivery!

Kitchens where we do all the work & supply all the materials start at $1880 + tax, this is our minimum charge!

You can also save $$$$ by removing & replacing the doors, drawer fronts & all hardware!

We use durable, chip & moisture resistant non yellowing lacquer along with a sealer that blocks the natural wood colours from bleeding through over time.
Sealer/blockers are very important when respraying certain woods like Pine & Oak although any wood species can bleed their natural colour and this can distort off white colours.

Our limited warranty is available for viewing here:

2 - Year Warranty on most items ~ Kitchen Cabinet Painters Southern Ontario