In order to obtain a quote we need the following information provided by you. This will provide the quickest, easiest way to get an accurate quote for your items. Not all pieces are equal when it comes to the labour involved.

#1 - You should supply pictures of any items you are interested in having work done on. (For Kitchen Cabinet Door Spraying please provide the total number of doors as well as if any are glass, pantry or regular, the total number of drawer fronts and if any are utensil, small, medium or pot & pan as well as any crown molding, valance or removable pieces.)
#2 - You should provide as much detail as you can regarding the current condition of your item and it's finish. (see details below)
#3 - You should provide us with an accurate description of your intentions with each piece.
#4 - You should provide us with your location. eg. Toronto, Milton, Hamilton.

We do NOT offer Ball Park pricing  

Quotes are usually provided to you by the next day however they can take 1-2 business days, weekends & holidays not included, however still possible.

The Kitchen Cabinet Door Spraying Minimum spray charge is $900 + tax for our DIY model.
Email your quote request along with the above information to:

The reasons we need this information are as follows:

We want to provide you with the best possible pricing for your piece and accuracy in detail gives us the opportunity to do that, we however understand that each piece we quote on varies in quality, some needing more work than others. Pictures provide us with the opportunity to determine the size and shape of any given item, spraying inside of cabinets, spindles, grooves, curves etc. take longer to spray then a flat surface. These details need to be approached from several angles and that takes additional time. We do not want to show up for a scheduled pick up and have to tell you that further charges will apply due to lack of detail provided in the request for a quote.
Pictures also provide us with the ability to see the type of your current finish, whether it is paint, lacquer, varnish etc. each different finish requires a different approach when preparations are being completed to get a good bond on your item.
What a picture in most cases will NOT provide us with is the condition of the current finish, it is important that you explain as best as possible if any cracking, flaking, chips, runs, sags or uneveness are present, all of these conditions require more work than a 'Finish Sanding' - Finish Sanding is designed to remove the shine and dull a surface for the new finish to bond better, when finish sanding we are using such a fine grit sandpaper that it will not remove the previously mentioned conditions.
In order to address these concerns we can use several grits of sandpaper to repair these issues when possible, when we have to remove a run or sag we usually end up breaking through the old finish down to the bare wood or material the item is made of, when this happens we are required to seal those areas and this takes additional time and materials to bring that area back to the same smoothness as the areas that we have finish sanded. These repairs also come at an additional expense to you.

We also need to have all your specific details in one central location, that starts with your email request for a quote and any subsequent information you provide or that we provide.
We quote on and view so many pieces that remembering the details of your items can be difficult unless we have emails to reference back to.
Providing this information when requesting a quote allows us to provide the most accurate details possible for your piece, this eliminates possible errors by having all details in writing. You will know based on the information you provide exactly what we can do for you and what that will cost as well as time lines for completion and what methods of payment we accept, any changes that need to be made whether by us or by a customer must be in writing and must be provided prior to commencing the work or ordering custom tinted colours.

We need to know your location due to the service area we have, Pick Up & Delivery costs can vary substantially from City to City, we include Pick Up & Delivery in our pricing.
We have had quote requests in the past from as far as Montreal & Ottawa, we did not know there location when quoting and this lead to confusion and ended up wasting our time and the customers time. We are attempting here to streamline the entire process, eliminate confusion and provide accurate details as quickly as possible. 

Tracy Sauer
Spray It Like New Kitchens