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My name is Tracy Sauer the owner & master sprayer here at Spray It Like New Kitchens, I have 33+ years of furniture refinishing experience, removing & replacing fine finishes on just about any wood product available.
My understanding of how moisture or humidity levels in your home affect your wood furniture & kitchen cabinets is crucial to what approach is needed to respray items and also getting a long lasting bond and various wood species. Softer open grain woods tend to move more than say Maple or Walnut.
Oak being very hard to some degree also has softer open & end grain patterns that are the starting point for moisture absorption.
Oak kitchens are the most common requested items for re-spraying. The open grain and end grain associated with Oak can be problematic for the in experienced painter.


Our process first involves the customer, having them ensure all items are as clean as possible from any visible grease or contaminants we ask this in order to ensure the wood has had time to dry prior to respraying. It is possible water will get into the open grain or any details like grooving or joints. Wood finishes need to be dry in order to get the best primer/sealer bond. Trying to clean and finish in one day can lead to adhesion problems when water remains in the wood pores or the seams along the frame & panel portion of doors. We want to ensure a seamless customer experience as well as completing the best job possible. Years of experience have led us to the best possible process.

We would next come to your home removing the doors & any knobs or handles & bring them to the shop.
As soon as the doors have been removed we will tape off your counters, walls, floors and any in the way items that can't be removed.
We will next complete a finish sand to remove any bumps or issues like cracking or flaking.
Here's where our process is unique, we then using one of several possible conditioners apply a liquid that will deepen the clean, soften the old finish and open the pores of the old finish.
This is crucial for any open grain, end grain or any grooves or profiles where sanding is difficult if not impossible, like the area where the inside door panel is inserted into the frame & most importantly the open grain pattern found on Oak.
Once this has been completed we apply using one of three methods a good coat of primer/sealer that is shellac based. Shellac based primer/sealers are a key feature. Your original finish is likely a lacquer product, shellac is lacquer based and the two bond together very well after we have softened the old finish. This also seals the natural colour of the wood from bleeding through the new finish.

LACQUER vs PAINT vs Acrylic Urethane

The main difference between lacquers & paints are the solvents used.
Lacquer's & Urethanes can be dissolved by the same solvent used to manufacture the product, paints can not be dissolved once dried & cured. Paints become hard & brittle over time and will not accommodate the wood movement, this is why lacquer is the standard wood finish for cabinet builders today and for the last 60 or so years.


We then in many cases allow the primer/sealer to dry overnight, returning the next day to finish sand the primer/sealer and apply the water borne lacquer. In most cases that is completed the 2nd day, we remove the tape, clean up and your in home portion is complete. We can however complete smaller kitchens in one longer day.
2-4 days later we will bring back the completed doors, hanging them back on the hinges. 
We also leave a touch up bottle of your colour selection in the event that it gets damaged down the road.
Most lacquer's as well as ours cure over a two week period based on room temperature & 40% humidity, it can take longer when conditions vary. Within short order your kitchen will be cured. This does not mean you can't use your kitchen, the water borne lacquers flash off the solvent in 6-8 hours under normal conditions, it is touch dry in 30 to 90 minutes.

DIY In Home Kit's are available

We also offer a DIY method for those that are handy or wish to save some money.
We will reduce the cost to you when you remove any doors & hardware as well as bread boxes, molding etc.
We can also show you how to effectively complete the in home portion at your leisure in as little as two days. Our instructions are thorough and work!
You can complete this while we respray your doors in our shop.
The product we use is a self levelling product that when applied by spray, custom roller or brush will flow out to give you a smooth finish that will follow the characteristics of the wood or material it is being applied to.


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