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Interior Door Spray Painters
Hollow Core Doors

Interior Door Spray Painters

Hollow Core & Wood Panel Interior Door Spray Painters & Stainers

 We Spray WaterBorne Lacquer on your Interior Doors ~ Sprayed lacquer enhances raised panel moulding and  high-definition panel profiles.

We can spray almost any Colour on your New Interior Doors using our Custom Colour Matching!
Choose a Paint Chip Code from Benjamin Moore and have it copied with Lacquer.
We can stain & clear coat your new wood panel doors.
We do NOT offer any  existing finish stripping services nor do we apply our products over items previously painted with Oil or Latex based paints.
We can spray over pre-primed or melamine painted interior wood or hollow core doors.
Your doors will look great with a lacquer finish that will last longer then paint as well as offering a higher level of durability and ease of cleaning.

Professional Furniture Painters, Tables, Kitchen Cabinet Door Painters, just about any Wood Surface!

We use a technically advanced, pigmented waterborne , non-yellowing, low in VOC''s  protective coating  made for interior wood surfaces. Its new technology provides trouble-free application as well as a very smooth appearance and touch. It is similar in durability to the highest quality solvent based  lacquer and can be tinted to over 1,000+ custom colours. Ideal for kitchen, bath or general interior use. We also spray certain MDF panels & pieces when applying the appropriate primer sealer. 
Free Quotes 
Email pictures of your doors along with the total number  you have with the height and width and whether they have the jam and/or casing that needs to be sprayed for a fast & convenient quote send  Pictures along with your Location to:

  Minimum Per Colour Spraying Charge is $800 + materials + tax - Pick Up & Delivery Included 

Both Sides & Side Edges 

Coloured Lacquer   Applied over Pre-Primed Doors  Coloured Lacquer  Applied over Un-finished Pre-Sanded Wood

Interior  Doors 24" to 26"
  $70 or $90 with Door Jam   $100 or $130 with Wood Door Jam

Interior  Doors 28" to 30"  

  $75 or $95 with Door Jam   $110 or $140 with Wood Door Jam

Interior Doors 32" to 34" 

  $80 or $100 with Door Jam   $120 or $150 with Wood Door Jam
Multiple Piece Pricing Discounts Apply to Items that are being completed at the same time.
   Minimum Per Colour Spray Charge is $800 + Materials Usually ($75 per colour)
  Pick Up & Delivery Included.
 *Repairs are Extra 
Prices are Subject to Change

Warranty Info & Disclaimer:

Once Items are picked up Deposits are non-refundable, this covers the expenses of pickup & delivery should you change your mind after we have gone to the expense of picking the items up. 

Due to circumstances and/or conditions that may be beyond our control, like but not limited to the current condition* (see below) of any given piece to be sprayed, resprayed, refinished or finished, the sprayed workmanship service warranty is limited to 180 days from the date of delivery of sprayed items unless otherwise expressed in writing at the time of quoting by True North Spraying Services Inc.

You must provide details of your request for any warranty work you believe you need and allow any agreed upon warranty work to be completed within a 21 day period following the subsequent agreement on our part to correct any deficiency. After 21 days your warranty on that defect will expire and no repair will be completed by us at NO COST to you.

The definition by us of  current condition*  is described as items that may or may not have been:

1. Contaminated by chemicals, foods, grease, ink or any item or liquid that may have penetrated the current finish and/or reached the wood or material, this may not have been visible however can shorten the lifespan of a new finish. Any contamination not seen by you and/or True North Home Services that would be beyond our control.

2. Reflective of  the style and physical condition of any given piece prior to having been worked upon including but not limited to: Dings, Dents, Scratches, over sanding, under sanding, machine marks, wood chip out, knots, type of material used in construction, quality of assembly and anything as it relates to and could effect the ability of getting an even sheen and bonded spray that will last. Any current physical conditions of items that are present and noticed by True North Spraying Services Inc. are NOT repaired by us or pointed out to customers unless a noticeable defect that would effect the ability to use the item, and/or effect our ability to spray the item and/or cause us to have a safety concern and notice the damage or concern prior to providing any service on that piece. Customers requiring repairs must ask for and have any repairs quoted for and provided for on the quote then subsequent final invoice for any warranty to be implied or valid on said repairs. We are not responsible for any workmanship or physical defects present prior to the pickup of said items or upon opening any packaged items for spraying.

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