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Children's Furniture Painters Toronto & GTA

 GreenGuard Certified Water Based Lacquer Can be used on Children's Furniture

Change the Colour of your child's furniture using  a  chemical and beverage tested, durable chip resistant Lacquer Finish?

Read about GreenGuard Certified Augualante Water Based Low VOC Lacquers by clicking the Logo's Below

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Children's Desk Painted Red  Spray Painted Crib Red Painted Chair

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Chip & Mar Resistant, 15 Year durability and  long lasting washable finishes in over 1,000 Colours

 We Professionally Spray Paint Childrens Furniture Like New, without Stripping the old Finish off. 

Not only will your furniture look like new again the finish will last longer then paint and has been Tested for resistance to household cleaners, juices and even Nail Polish Remover.
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Professional Furniture Painters, Restoring Antique Furniture, Solid Wood Dining Room Sets, Bedroom Sets, Tables, Kitchen Cabinet Door Painters, just about any Wood Surface!

We use a technically advanced, low VOC, non-yellowing, pigmented water borne coating for interior wood surfaces. Its new technology provides trouble-free application as well as a very smooth appearance and touch. It is similar in durability to the highest quality solvent based  lacquer and can be tinted to over 1,000+ custom colours. Ideal for kitchen, bath or general interior use.

Chemical Resistance Rating

Nail Polish Remover -Very Good, Acetone -Very Good, Isopropyl Alcohol -Excellent, Boiling Water -Excellent,  Cold Water -Excellent, Vinegar -Excellent, Lemon Juice -Excellent, Orange Juice -Excellent, Grape Juice -Excellent, Ketchup -Excellent, Coffee -Very Good, Olive Oil -Excellent,  Household Ammonia -Excellent, VM&P Naphtha -Excellent, Wine -Excellent, Windex -Excellent, 409 Cleaner -Excellent, Lysol -Excellent, 33% Sulfuric Acid -Very Good, 77% Sulfuric Acid -Fair, 28% Ammonium Hydroxide -Very Good, Gasoline -Excellent, Murphy's Oil Soap -Excellent, Vodka 100 Proof -Excellent, 1% Detergent -Excellent, 10% TSP -Excellent, Ethanol/ Water -Very Good, Mustard -Good.

Product Test and Performance Characteristics for Augalante Products

Print Resistance -Excellent, Hot and Cold Check Resistance -Excellent, Cross Hatch -Excellent, Blocking -Very Good, Wet Heat Resistance -Excellent, Edge Soak -Excellent.

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